The Dark Dominion (TDD) is a roleplaying guild on Darth Malgus founded in August 2019.

We are an RP based Sith coalition, comprised of Sith Noble Houses and Power bases joined through political and militaristic interests. They help with the Empires struggles and focus on furthering its goals.

TDD has always strived to provide the best roleplay for characters that find themselves drawn to the darker side of roleplay within a solid concept and storyline.

As a roleplaying Order, we are based on entwined connections between each other and on reactions to the life around us. We have always been a spontaneous RP guild. Our focus is not on the big, epic saga, but on the little trials of everyday life.

We have a main concept and storyline; however, we acknowledge that this is not everyone's cup of tea. Members get involved in what makes sense for them in the order. The only requirement is that they need to be involved in something within the order. The roleplay in the guild involves both internal storylines as well as a lot of interaction with other guilds on the server, both alliances and as well as cases of enmity and fighting.

There is plenty of room for personal roleplay and character development in the guild, and it is encouraged. We value personal, intriguing or entertaining roleplay over emote fighting and therefore we prefer people who can take care of themselves, who do not get into trouble all the time and need rescuing. We love to help for the right reasons and value people who contribute back. We expect our members to be an active part in creating events and taking part in Darth Malgus's good community together with treasured allies both individuals and guilds.

We are knowledgeable, but not elitist.

The members of the guild can vary greatly in alignments, skills and views.

We welcome all classes and races as long as they can abide by the guild's rules and general ideas, in addition to this.