As an adept, you seek to find your true potential. Choosing the road to which your character fits best and diving deeper into that particular area of expertise.
An Adept must figure out which path to follow when advancing further ahead. Therefor studies and lessons will help to complete trials in order to figure out what path the Adept is strongest in but ultimately this does not decide the path because that is still the Adepts own choice to make.
This is a mixture between individual and master/apprentice RP as well as taking a deeper step into the workings and background of the order.
At this point the Adept needs to find a master to progress or learn by different masters as a Neophyte*. 

- Knowledge: Galactic History/Science & Alchemy/Artifacts & Holocrons
Final assignment: A public essay on one of the three topics.

The Sith Scholars are among the most knowledgeable and their understanding of the world around them, making them a danger to everyone. Holding the building blocks of life and death as well as the plans for every secret, every weakness and every thing built. 
The Adept digs deeper into these secrets as well as expands on what they have already learned.
They begin to experiment as well as unravel ancient mysteries lost to time.

- Strength: Advanced saber combat/Force empowerment/Critical Marks
Final assignment: Mission where the three topics are used.

The Sith Champions are the emblem of the Sith Order, representing what every sentient in the galaxy fears most about the Sith. 

Adepts are expected to realize that there are more emotions to draw on than simply anger and hatred. Pain, self-loathing, guilt and even joy; the psyche can be twisted in many ways (See lesson about the 'pillars of emotion'). 

Adepts can now start training in the rest of the lightsaber Forms as well as refining their prime fighting style. They are expected to expand their knowledge further into the Marks of contact and Body zones and tap deep into channeling their anger to purge weakness and enter rage.

- Power: Magic & Sorcery/Dark psychology/Advanced force powers
Final assignment: Creating a ritual where all three topics are used.

Deadly forces of spellcasters and magicians, the Sith Sorcerers are feared even by other Sith, and regarded as the most potent users of the Dark Side in the Sith Order, able to manipulate the Dark Side of the Force and bend it to their wills like none other. 

Now the Adept gets to explore the more dangerous aspects of the Force and see if they have the strength to survive their endeavor as well as learning about the art and science of manipulation and mind control.

- The Adept Trials

Trials of the adept are divided into two challenges that serve as a pre-requisites to climb further on the Sith hierarchy ladder and show that the Adept is ready to choose a road to pursue.

The trials are administered by the Adepts master and be tailored to the apprentice to show how fare they have come and how much they have learned.

A Neophyte will need to have other Masters or Sith of higher rank host their final trials and if they cant find one on their own Sith Doctrine will be in charge of this when they have the time.

Trials of Skill
In the Trial of Skill, unlike the Trial of spirit, a Sith Adept will have to have lightsaber combat with their Sith Master and for a Neophyte the one they have gotten to conduct their trail.
The test will allow the Adept to use various techniques of lightsaber combat. 
To pass the Trial of Skill, an Adept must fight courageously in battle, complete a mission with a low chance of survival, or defeat a superior enemy, and they must do so alone.

Trial of Insight
In the Trial of Insight, a Sith Adept would be tested on their wits and common knowledge. Giving them puzzles and riddles to solve the Adept will have to use their knowledge to seek out the right information according to what's there. In some tests, an Adept would be given a test to see what is really there and what really isn't. However, in some cases, a Sith Adept will encounter one of their loved ones and the Sith Adept will have to know if that person is real or not.

To Trial of Insight involved a Sith Adept confronting their fear and hatred. Only by mastering these emotions will they prove worthy of further advancement.

The trials are OOCly made along with the adept as this is to be their trials as well and they are expected to partake in process and execution. 

*Neophyte studies are a bit more complicated as they need to find ways of learning the subjects and getting both their subject Final assignment as well as the end trials done.