Darth Azora Vas'rael

Age: 31 (In appearance only.)
Species: Sith Pureblood.
Profession: Sith Sorceress, Councillor of a Powerbase, and Darth.

Height: 5'9". Weight: 127 lbs. Eye colour: Naturaly dark gold/ember. Brightens when in true appearance. Hair Colour: Black. Skin tone: Deep, pure red. Physuiqe: Slender hourglass. Stature: Formal and constantly subtly seductive.

Overview of Appearance:
Darth Venefica, or Azora often carries herself with an heir of intelligence, pursuasion, and charisma. Each hip sway, outfit, and cosmetics are meant to portray something specific. She values outward appearance, both socially and asthetically due to the weight she believes it holds. Her hair is always done up, and her outfits pristine. She also has a habit of using the idea of feminimity and fragility as a weapon against those who she views as viable.

Azora is a cunning, and devious woman with a simple idea yet a complex mind on it. "Adapt to survive." Her greatest feature is her intelligence and how it's applied to the Dark Side of the force and especially it's applications when interacting with other people. Where as most Sith are cold, distant and of a negative disposition, Azora's often seen as warming, charismatic, alluring, bubbly and optimistic. Her entire public personality amongst ninety eight percent of people, is that of a smart and delightful woman of thirty one, very similar to the idea of "The drunk fun aunt that every one for some reason likes." In truth, Azora's personality is sadistic, manipulative, cunning, deceptive, and vain with a seemingly never ending hunger for knowledge and progression. She admires change, adaptation, personal growth and expression in all things. A patron of the arts, sorceries, music, knowledge and pushes others to their limits so that they may best serve them selves and survive. Those who do not push and continue to grow, will die.

"All knowledge is good knowledge, my dear." 
"Why stick to tradition? Why learn only of today? Why not mix them and adapt them to our new future?"
"Silly children. Always wanting the new toys. They really should mix the old and the new, and get the best."