Production and Logistics & Law and Justice

Leader: The High Judge of the Dark Dominion

The Sphere is charged with overseeing the Order's internal law enforcement and judicial systems and under the Sphere's control the rigid order and efficiency of Imperial society remains intact and imperial justice is maintained within the Order.
In case of a military, issue the Sphere works closely together with the Sphere of Military Command.

Often seen as one of the smaller Spheres it is indeed one of the most vital as it provides calculations to fend off enemy troops, logistical necessities of fleets and ground forces, and financial concerns of a war.
The Sphere is in charge and manages the Order's trade network, resources, economy, military supply lines, transportation systems, Order run industries, slave populations, prisons and prisoner transfer, and other assets and programs essential to the continued functions of the Order.
The Sphere lastly ensures that military actions does not damage or endanger treaties and the likes that the Order holds with the outside.

"There's law, and there's justice, and sometimes they're not the same thing."

NSF - Nfolgai Security Force is an organization that enforced the law under the authority of The Sphere of Civil Administration.
The NSF are responsible for maintaining order within The Dark Dominion. The uniformed police officers bearing the symbol of the order and symbolizes the presence of law enforcement. The task of the NSF is to enforce the will of the Council as well as making sure the Order does not break with traditional Imperial Law.