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Study of Mind Manipulation and Control through the use of the Force

Author's Initial Thoughts, Pre-Study:
The following is my assessment of Mind-controlling or Mind-manipulating effects and capabilities on a target.

Through my previous experiences of mind-manipulating locations or abilities of skilled Force-Users, I can attest with certainty that some can eventually be resisted through practice and training. However, until that point, they are still extremely useful and can be utilized in a number of different ways to achieve a desired outcome such as the total loss of courage, loss of motion control, loss of sanity, hallucinations, acquisition of information, memory removal or the total domination and control of one's mind.

I will delve further into the various ways of utilizing the Force to achieve these means below and their uses, as well as effects.

Force Fear/Horror/Insanity
While there are different levels of mental manipulation, one of the most effective is that of fear induction. To manipulate a part of the target's mind and make them fear for their lives through mild, moderate or severe means. If done right, it can break a person's mind to the point of uselessness and make them a mumbling mess, causing lasting stress and anxiety. It can be reversed as far as I know, but until then the amusement of watching someone scream at the shadows is quite satisfying for the user.

Force Persuasion/Dominate
Mind Force Persuasion, Dominate Mind or simply 'Mind Trick' as it is known to many is the general term for the ability of tricking or convincing someone through thought manipulation, resulting in the target either changing a decided motion or making them perform a task for the user of this ability. A very subtle and elegant solution to someone going against your wishes. I admit, it is one of my favorites.

Aura of Uneasiness
Another elegant capability for those who have mastered it. The Aura referred to is a projection of the user's own Dark-Side power, creating the feeling of unease and fear in anyone nearby. So simple, yet very effective. To instill fear in someone without having to do much at all and ensure obedience simply by your presence. Magnificent.

Force Illusion/Projection
While similar in application to Force Persuasion, the ability to project illusions can be a powerful and effective tool. I say from experience that depending on the illusion being projected, you can convince a person to cower in fear for their life, to relive memories of deceased friends or loved ones to learn deeply-hidden and closely-guarded secrets, to induce confusion or to immobilize a person and make them question all that they are. It is useful against almost all that are unprepared for it.

Force Confusion
Another very useful mental manipulation skill, and in the same sub-group of Force-Persuasion as Force Illusion. Force Confusion allows the user to manipulate to mind of an opponent and make them unsure as to what is happening, whether that means to make them abandon their fight or to turn their weapon on their friends. I have seen this employed in combat twice before and it is always inspiring to see.

Memory Rub
One of the last known capabilities of a Force-User to affect the mind of a target is that of memory alteration. To erase the memories of a target is useful in order to mold the target to your own specifications should you be displeased with who they are or to remove information potentially harmful to the user and neutralize an enemy. In a way, I would consider this the most drastic measure should information retrieval prove a failure. But it is extremely effective against all that can be manipulated.

Author's Thoughts Post-Study:
All paths to dominate or affect a person's mind are useful in their own ways and very effective, however I would advise caution that repeated use can potentially physically damage a person's mind. Use as much as you like but know that the subject may become useless. Most of the listed uses of the Force are not taught by Jedi for outright fear of them and should be extremely useful against them as their minds will likely not be prepared for (or guarded against) most of them.

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