The Dark Dominion Discord

Before you join the Dark Dominions discord please read the code of conduct below.

- Thank you

Code of Conduct - The Dark Dominion Discord

Art. 1: Age limit
15 is the minimum real life age required to join.
This has been agreed upon by the guild and is maintained to keep all members comfortable with the maturity of the guild content.
- If we find that, you have lied about your age to get into the guild you will be removed immediately.

Art. 2: Conduct
We are aiming for a friendly and warm atmosphere; a bit of banter is great but keep it cool.
A few things to keep in mind:
- Keep it civil. Be polite and kind to those around you.
- No excessive use of profanity, homophobia, racist slur and sexism.
- No talk that encourages drug use of any kind.
- Refrain from needless spamming.
- Ask if you have real life noises that can annoy anyone (eating, singing and so)
- Please do not troll someone else's person. - Please keep things in the right channels (read channel descriptions)
- Please do not slag off/slander other guilds or players in public channels.
- During guild-wide events, try to keep the use of guild chat to a minimum to avoid loss of focus and the breaking of immersion.

We are an international Order playing on an English-speaking server. Therefore, we use English when we communicate in chat and on Voice chat so that all understand. Art. 3: Absence You state in #absence if you will not be attending events out of respect for the EM or if you will be away from the guild.

Art. 4: The Officer Team

The Officer Team guides and oversees this guild as one, therefore all the Officers will be notified of a certain situation or conflict to avoid any wrong decisions or misunderstanding. Each Officer has the obligation to keep such situations private. Spreading the information can cause a demotion from the Officer Team or even a removal from the guild, depending on the severity of the situation and a majority of officer approvals.

Art. 5: Warnings

We won't tolerate heated negative discussions in guild chat or in discord. If an officer says stop, it is to stop immediately as their word is law.
If you disregard rules or officer warnings in the discord, you will be muted until two officer members have had the chance to decide the best course of action. If the officers or leader gives a warning, this will happen three times and then result in a removal from the guild if above mentioned is not followed, as we do not wish toxicity and strife in the guild. We do not evict people out of a grudge, but we will keep the rules fair to everyone. As such, there are no hard feelings towards any, that will have to leave the guild today and we will happily speak with them if they wish it.

For general guild IC and OOC code of conduct visit the rules section at


The Code of Conduct is subject to change at the discretion of the Officer Team at any given time.