Help pay for this website!

The Dark Dominion can only function optimal with the assistance of generous donations
from members of our small community.Just like on the Enjin sites that most use to support their guild hosting on we also run a payment plan.

Without donations, hosting the guilds website and discord with all its features along with keeping up with expansions like the Strongholds, Flagships and the likes in game cannot be kept in a standard that we as the Officer Team have decided upon.
This is to make your gaming experience as well as your social time in The Dark Dominion as epic as possible.

Since we rely on the generosity of individuals like you, we write to ask
you to consider a donation to our cause.A donation can be many things from money to items to time.
- A small money gift goes a long way and you decide the amount
- Donate items to unlock the FS or decorations as well as credits to the in game guild bank.
Everything in the guild bank goes fully to the guild

When you have donated, it will be posted in the donation archives on the Discord Server and you will get Patron rank unless you want to stay anonymous then please note this.

We hope that you will help support our efforts.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

The Officer Team of The Dark Dominion