Apprentice Ephesius Pryde

"The Ember of Vahl. To many this name sounds unfamiliar, and rightly so, for it has been forgotten during the span of centuries. This cult was brought to death by the Jedi Knights because of their destructive tendencies. Being on the brink of extinction Vahla spread across the galaxy, looking for their lost homeworld. While many headed out to become mercenaries, pirates and bounty hunters, only a hand full stood true to their roots."

Ephesius Pryde was a near-human male Sith apprentice who lived during the era following the events of the Great Hyperspace War, born in around 3659 BBY. As one of the last living descendants of an ancient Vahla bloodline, Ephesius only became Sith after the death and ruin of his family. He was born on the dark world of Kohlma, otherwise known as the Moon of the Dead, and grew up as the only son and heir to a noble and wealthy house affiliated with the Sith Empire. His father was a Sith Lord in servitude to Darth Ralathos, the director of the Sith Academy on Korriban and the Dark Lord of the Crimson Moon.

Despite being born into a family deeply involved with the Sith Empire, Ephesius was left in solitude; isolated from the life his father had chosen to become a part of. Nonetheless, he was taught about the Sith philosophy and other subjects from since he could walk, and received in-depth instructions on the Force and many martial skills. He received private scholing from within his father's own estate and did not leave his house to socialize with other people. These facts combined allowed him to develop an adult state of mind rather quickly, but it came at the cost of not having many friends during his early childhood- although this approach allowed him to observe others from a distance without getting emotionally involved, rendering him to see situations and people as they are. He remained in solitude, training safely and growing in silence.

When the news arrived that his father had perished at the hands of another rival Sith Lord, Ephesius was broken. Soon though, sorrow turned into anger, and anger became hatred. Wanting to trace in his father's footsteps, Ephesius was driven by revenge and sought out the only ones whom he deemed capable of teaching him the power he craved in order to quench his never-ending thirst for vengeance. Despite his mother's attempts to stop him, Ephesius's path led him to the very doorstep of the Sith Empire, where he caught the eye of the man responsible for his father's death: Varym Intero. ⠀

"A shadow creeped up behind him as he stood in one of the vivid rays that broke and penetrated the nimbus in the sky. Ephesius faintly panted as he looked up to the limpid hole in the clouds that drizzled down on him. A mixture of blood, rain and sweat dripped down from the tip of his nose. His head gently lowered as he muffled his chin in the collar of his coat. He raised his frigid foot from the mucky surface, wanting to weave a greater distance between himself and what had just occured."

Instead of fearing the potential threat Ephesius could one day oppose to him, the Sith Lord recognized the sheer potential and power that lurked within the child, and chose him to become his personal apprentice; training him to become the singulary and perfect embodiment of the Sith ways. He was constantly broken, both mentally and physically, yet overcame every obstacle he faced. Placed within the Crimson Moon's powerbase of Imperial Intelligence, Ephesius sought out and assassinated all those who were either deemed a threat or a traitor in the eyes of its Dark Council.

Amongst those that fell to the edge of his blade during his time serving in Imperial Intelligence was his master himself. After learning the truth behind his father's murder, Ephesius confronted Varym within his sanctuary on Vjun, subsequently ending him and the sorrow that had been haunting him and his family for years. For a brief moment he was satisfied, but he soon realised that vengeance didn't fill the void in his heart where the love for his father once existed. He was enraged more than ever, but retracted into seclusion after learning that those who supported Varym's reign within the Crimson Moon sought his death. That was, until he found the Dark Dominion. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

"The scenery around him changed as the decades went by but it never diverged from the sinister atmosphere where he had found sympatico in. He started to smile a lot, seeing irony in things that used to break him. Animals that came near him subsequently grew afraid, and I have a feeling that so should we."

Ephesius is a composed individual with a pragmatic approach to life. He believed that, through well-defined rules and laws many of the world's problems could be solved. At first he was described as gentle and kind-hearted, but following the death of his father and his descent into the Sith ways, his personality drastically changed. He became very reserved, and very ruthless. Not because he felt that this way was the best to continue through life, but because the pain of loss was something he never wanted to experience again. He appeared to be tall in stature for his age and had a lean build. He was fair to look upon, described by many as handsome- by some as beautiful even- had an olive skin complexion, deep blue eyes and black, curly hair.

In battle, Ephesius is calculating, striking only when he's confident of success and without any thought of leniency. According to Varym Intero, Ephesius was known for launching surprise attacks on opponents who think they've won and have let their guard down. In order to capitalise on every possible advantage, he pays careful attention to every aspect of a battle, analysing opponents' strategies and techniques to discern their purpose, mechanics, and ultimately their weaknesses. He was similarly knowledgeable of skills he had no training in, and primarily focussed on the use of Djem So during lightsabercombat. This is where he excelled at most as well, and even as an apprentice, could go toe-to-toe with several Sith Lords in lightsabercombat. Partially due to his lineage, Ephesius was seen as a gifted Force user- having a natural affinity towards several core control and alter powers such as telekinesis, though was unable to master them for a long time.

Because of the lack of focus he had when it came to Force powers, he spent more time delving into the art of lightsabercombat. Something that undoubtedly paid off, as he was already hailed a master lightsaberduelist by the age of nineteen, his prowess in the use of Djem So only rivaled by a handful of Sith Lords within the Crimson Moon. The same principle he used to master lightsabercombat, he started using when it came to his study of the Force. As his training in the ways of the Sith continued later on, he was able to conjure several techniques such as Force Lightning without much difficulty.