Responsibilities according to rank

The council
Leaders that oversee the Order and takes care of their own spheres. They makes sure the Order is lead in conformity with the rules of The Dark Dominion (TDD).

They are responsible for the daily operations of TDD and supervise the growth and maintenance of their Sphere.
• Runs the overall structure of the guild IC
• Liaisons between TDD and other guilds (making alliances and the likes)
• Always has the final say in any matter regarding the Order IC
• Runs guild main storyline events
• Event coordinator on larger guild events or cross guild events.
• Is responsible for the IC council meetings.

(and ranks above)
A Sith Master is responsible for taking on an apprentice or being a mentor to an acolyte.
A master is to instructing their charges, conducting rituals, overseeing festivals and researching ancient writings as well as teaching.
• Running events for their charges and can aid in events if requested or needed.
• Mentoring the ones their charges*
• Report on charges and give feedback to the council on when a charge is ready to be promoted.

* The Master-ship is not something to take lightly as it takes time and commitment and willingness to continually share information and support their charges.
One of the key responsibilities of a good master is to provide guidance and constructive feedback to their charges. 
A good master will provide challenges that will foster development and a feel of accomplishment to make the charges grow.
Masters will welcome Acolytes to the Order, making sure, they get their questions answered and that they know the rules of the guild. They will introduce them to other members and help them get engaged in RP.
Masters will also follow up OOCly as well as ICly.

Masters need to be very accessible, and happy to role-play with pretty much everyone, showing an interest in all types.
Making sure people are active. Therefor it is important that masters make sure to write to their charges if they don't see them around.