Gaining Force Powers:

The Force Sensitive Rank power group is one all force sensitives know and can use, though at this power level their power is more akin to tricks than any trained power.

Select/learn force powers for each rank gained, up to the maximum power level of the force users rank.

The number of force power points acquired depends on the rank of the force user, each power cost one force power point.

Another way to spend a force power point is to increase the power level of an already known power, e.g. increase power from acolyte rank to adept rank or increase from master to Darth power level.

Using Force powers:

Force powers can be used out of regular combat, their usage and effects will then be roleplayed as the players see fit.

When used in combat all force powers follow a set system of rules.

They only deal one HP damage if used offensively with very few exceptions.

Some powers have added effects, these effects are only applied if the roll is successful.

Force affinity:

Most force users show an affinity for some force powers, the group of powers a force user has affinity in is usually connected somehow.

A sith gains one affinity group at acolyte rank, one at specialist rank and one at Darth rank to a total of three affinity groups.

If a force user uses a power for which the force user has affinity with, the power will gain some kind of unusual benefit described in the specific force power description. Also a power used above acolyte power level will be usable as often as if it was one power level lower.

The affinity groups are as follows:
Dark Healing, Darkness, Drain Force, Force Absorption, Force Lightning, Force Movement, Force Senses, Force Stealth, Force Vocal, Mind Control, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis Attract, Telekinesis Manipulation, Telekinesis Thrust

Force Sensitive (everyone no cost)

Force Inertia
Force Pull
Force Push
Force Scream
Force Sight


Absorb Energy

Control Pain
Dark Healing
Force Deflect
Force Disarm
Force Fear
Force Persuasion
Force Shock
Force Stealth

Sense Force


Animal Bond
Aura of Uneasiness
Drain Force
False Light Side Aura
Force Charge
Force Choke
Force Wound
Force Empathy
Force Illusion/Projection
Force Lift
Force Lightning
Force Repulse
Life Detection
Reflect Energy
Waves of Darkness


Battle Meditation
Battle Precognition
Dissipate Energy
Force Blast
Force Bond
Force Cloak
Force Confusion
Force Diminish
Force Grip
Force Horror
Force Speed
Force Tempest
Force Throw
Voice Amplification


Bolt of Hatred
Chain Lightning
Dominate Mind
Drain Life
Force Burst
Force Crush
Force Insanity
Force Net
Force Slow
Negate Energy


Dark Side Tendrils
Death Field
Force Destruction
Force Memory Rub
Force Storm
Force Vision

Force Whirlwind