Sith Intelligence & Expansion and Diplomacy

Leader: The Grand Vizir of the Dark Dominion

The Sphere oversees the expansion of the Order's borders and directed the diplomatic dealings in its efforts to secure new allies and maintain their allegiances. While the Sphere controls both diplomacy and expansion, the Sphere's leader determines which of the two the Order favors during the Councilor's tenure; being it Military expansion and conquest or diplomacy and the focus of gaining expansion through diplomatic relations.

Diplomacy amongst allies, enemies, and neutral parties as well as the gathering of information, seen and unseen.

The Sphere is also responsible for overseeing the main intelligence operations of the Order - being the primary Intelligence gathering arm, through various analytical means as well as espionage.
In addition, propaganda generating falls under the control of the Sphere's leader.

IIA - Imperial Intelligence Agency works from the shadows and its agents are skilled at manipulation, subterfuge, intimidation and assassination and can be just as deadly as their Sith superiors.