Private (PVT): Equipment Grade 1 slot
Specialist (SPC): Equipment Grade 2 slot
Corporal (CPL): None
Sergeant (SGT): Equipment Grade 3 slot
Ensign (ENS): None
Lieutenant (LT): Equipment Grade 1 slot
Captain (CPT): None
Major (MAJ): Equipment Grade 2 slot
Colonel (COL): Equipment Grade 3 slot

Training Grades

These can be trained individually of rank, through theory and practical lessons.

Training grade I: 1-100, 4HP
Training grade II: 10-105, 4HP
Training grade III: 20-110, 4HP
Training grade IV: 30-115, 5HP
Training grade V: 40-120, 6HP
Training grade VI: 50-125, 7HP
Training grade VII: 60-130, 8HP
Training grade VIII: 70-135, 9HP
Training grade IX: 80-140, 10HP

Equipment Upgrades

These can be bought with an equipment upgrade slot.
Once a piece of equipment is bought, it can be traded freely to another piece of equipment if the soldier has time for it.

Equipment Grade 1: Stealth Field Generator, Flash Grenade
Equipment Grade 2: Medikit, Special Weapon
Equipment Grade 3: Personal Energy Shield, Thermal Detonator

Equipment Descriptions

Flash Grenade:
This grenade is designed to generate a sudden bright light, aiming to blind the opponent.
When used, anyone within 5m of the target is blinded and will lose their next attack action.

A medkit contains the tools to apply first aid to almost any kind of trauma a person can be subject to. When used in combat it can heal one hp but can only be used once like this, per person, other uses involve removing various effects with stims and hypersprays.

Personal Energy Shield:
This small wrist guard will generate a small sphere of glowing energy around the person using it. It only needs to be activated once to last the whole fight. Once activated it will give the wearer a shield of 5hp, which is damaged first, if those hp are lost the shield cannot be activated again for the rest of the day as it need to recharge. The shield can be deactivated to conserve energy in which case the shield will be refilled in time for the next battle.

Special Weapon

Flame thrower:
Resembling a burly blaster rifle, this weapon shoots out a stream of highly flammable chemical liquid in a cone of 10x10m (approximately 90°), anyone in the area takes damage.

Sniper rifle:
This resembles a standard blaster rifle with a longer barrel and usually a scope. If used in combat it can be used to take aim at the opponent and forego an attack action, adding that attack roll as an extra attack roll on the following attack.

Stealth Field Generator:
This devise makes the character virtually invisible if more than 10m away from the opponent. When used in combat it will add an extra attack roll to the characters next attack action.

Thermal Detonator:
This grenade can be thrown or placed with a timer, it will adhere to any metallic surface and is very effective against vehicles. If used in combat it will detonate and cause damage to anyone within 5m of the target causing them to lose half their maximum hp. This can only be used once per combat and the character needs to return to an imperial stronghold to resupply before it can be used again.

Starting hook - From the Imperial Recruiting Office to here

Stepping forward, the Commander of the transport addresses your unit. 

"Some of you may have been Nobles. Others of the lower classes. Some maybe even Criminals. What you were before is inconsequential, as what lies ahead is your future in the Imperial Military, and whether you were recruited, convinced or coerced, your future is not a guarantee. You are all now equal, and will only advance through merit, bravery and dedication. 

Now you are part of a glorious military, endeavoring to establish Order throughout the Galaxy, and while the Imperial Military and Navy exists to serve the Sith... that's not to say advancement will not come with certain perks." 

He smirks smugly before continuing. 

"When we touch down you will be in the presence of Sith Lords. If you value your lives, keep your manners. They have no room for disobedience, and your place will be to serve. Your direct Commanders will take charge. Good luck to all of you, and may the Empire forever reign!"