From House Rue to the Dark Dominion


Whether we were the heroes or the villains of this story is hard to tell but the House stood above all yet it was supposed to mean unity and equality.

Many were deceived by one, the path turned to dust; we stood alone and divided.
Remnants of what was promised scattering in the wind like echoes from an ancient past.
Where had the betrayer gone and why? It mattered not to us! What would be our next step? Would we scatter like shadows before the break of dawn? No! We will not go silently into the night... We will rise united once more.

The halls of the temple bore reminders. Trinkets and flags, pictures and memories of the one who had abandoned their duty. So those that remained, angered and affected by the sting of betrayal, tore down the walls of this old temple. Getting rid of all and any reminders, all and any markers of the filth that once inhabited these halls.

If what remained was theirs now it shall be so from the very first brick all the way to the last but doing this on a new planet far away. This act was done as a unified front, the first in this locations history those that remained declared that this is how it will be lead, in unity where no one person is above another.

They called out to those they knew. Whether they were friends, or rivals they held in high regard, or even people they lost along the way. They still called all that they could, drawing them in, like moths to a flame. Allies were needed, Councilors too. A grand new order was to rise from the ashes of a corrupt and decrepit one. And thus those that remained waited for their allies to come to them.