Persuit of water



Even though the jungle and marshes are dense around us the water is sparse.
The downright destructive and impassable weather strongly influenced by The Dark Side can be felt in how the weather is corrupted, with random bouts of acid rain, black lightning, and other manifestations of unusual and altered states.
This leaves the much of the water that is useless.
We have put up moist collectors all over the stronghold and surrounding area but to make this place into a more fertile and lush area we have put up water recyclers as well looking like waterfalls the water gets poured out and falls into a basin where it under the surface is filtered and sucked back up to the top.
But we need a steady supply of water as the pools will slowly run dry if not.

We have put up an expedition to the northern hemisphere where the icecaps can be harvested and brought back.

The team didnt encounter much resistance and got a fine base of operations down for the driods to take over the ice farming with only the need for minimum humanoid resources.