[TEST] The soul of a Sith


WIP just a test to show how it could be put up...

For the first two decades of his life, Maj has endured the brutal training of a sith. He possesses enormous talent in the force, but unlike other sith he has never truly been consumed by the dark side.
When Maj is cast out by his master, he embarks on a journey to understand who or what he is and he is. Along the way he finds unlikely allies and is pulled into a destiny surrounding one of the most notorious and powerful lords of the age.

The moment Maj finished chugging his drink, he knew something was wrong. Normally, he savored the scorching rush as it burned down his throat, hitting his belly like a bomb and practically smoking out his nose. To any acolyte at the academy, there was no better augury of triumph than an empty cup of Port in the Storm. But this time, the heat ripped into his head and touched down behind his eyes like a tornado, scrambling his thoughts and making heim dizzy as the empty cup hit the bar.

Not again, he thought. Not today.