As a Lord of the Sith, this means forming a House that holds political sway within the empire on some scale or forming a power base to back your position that will now be of notice in the world around the Lord that is outside the order. 

This focuses on external roleplay as well as accumulating new people into your own roleplay as well as help bringing in new blood to the Order.

- Beyond: Pursuit/Goal/Conquest
Final assignment: Gaining the backing of at least 3 Darths to claim the title oneself or besting another Darth to show superiority and the right to the title.

At this point there is not much to learn from the general teachings and the Sith Lord is expected to focus on honing their skills to perfection and to pursue their own interests and goals. They have the power now to take down enemies and claim what they defeat.

Some pursue power in ancient text and tombs others go a more political way but in the end this is up to the Lord themselves.

There are no more trials so the Sith Lord will take their claim in front of the Coalition Council with the appropriate backing or show of triumph in battle.