How to use lore in The Dark Dominion

What we in The Dark Dominion hold as canon lore is the legacy lore before Disney.
We also use the Star wars RPG books and novels.
Some lore in Star Wars is ultimate, that is usually concerning when the lore reads "someone famous created or did this something in this era". However, this does not mean that before that step it did not exist.

For instance Darth Sidious created his Shadow Droids based on the Ssi-ruuk technology, but before that there existed many droids and cyborgs that drew on the dark side of the force throughout the eras, like the Old Gods. The same goes with powers and other technology.

In the history of Star Wars much knowledge is lost and then rediscovered or reinvented. And several versions of the same power or technology may exist even at the same time. If it makes sense for a character to have done or do the work to achieve a power and it does not break the lore it enhances the characters roleplay