Mercenary: Equipment Grade 1 slot
Evaar'la Verd: Equipment Grade 2 slot
Verd'ika: None
Beviin Alor'uss: Equipment Grade 3 slot
Tratur Ruus'alor: None
Ver'alor: Equipment Grade 1 slot
Alor'ad: None
Kando'alor: Equipment Grade 2 slot
Evaar'la'lor: Equipment Grade 3 slot

Training Grades

These can be trained individually of rank, through theory and practical lessons.

Training grade I: 1-100, 4HP
Training grade II: 10-105, 4HP
Training grade III: 20-110, 4HP
Training grade IV: 30-115, 5HP
Training grade V: 40-120, 6HP
Training grade VI: 50-125, 7HP
Training grade VII: 60-130, 8HP
Training grade VIII: 70-135, 9HP
Training grade IX: 80-140, 10HP

Equipment Upgrades:

These can be bought with an equipment upgrade slot.

Once a piece of equipment is bought, it can be traded freely to another piece of equipment if the soldier has time for it.

Equipment Grade 1: Flame Thrower, Jetpack
Equipment Grade 2: Beskar Armor, Beskad
Equipment Grade 3: Personal Energy Shield, Shockwave Generator

Equipment Descriptions:

A heavy short blade made of the famous, near indestructible, Beskar. A beskad is able to block even the blade of a lightsaber and can easily cut through armor.

Beskar Armor:
This is a full armor made of near indestructable material, Beskar. In combat the armor protects the mandalorian against all kinetic, blaster and lightsaber attacks, enabling the mandalorian the ability to ignore the first and every second attack here after, of that type.

Resembling a burly backpack, a jetpack enables a mandalorian a high level of manoeuvrability on a battlefield and can be used to escape a tight spot. If used as a defensive dodge action, the sudden jump will add an extra defensive roll to to mandalorians defence action.
Additionally once per combat instead of an attack action the mandalorian can take off to hover high in the air for two consecutive rounds, making them invulnerable to melee attacks the rest of that round and all of the following round, on the third round they will land instead of attacking.

Flame thrower:
A small wrist mounted flame thrower, this weapon shoots out a stream of highly flammable chemical liquid in a cone of 5x5m (approximately 90°), anyone in the area takes damage.

Personal Energy Shield:
This small wrist guard will generate a small sphere of glowing energy around the person using it. It only needs to be activated once to last the whole fight. Once activated it will give the wearer a shield of 5hp, which is damaged first, if those hp are lost the shield cannot be activated again for the rest of the day as it need to recharge. The shield can be deactivated to conserve energy in which case the shield will be refilled in time for the next battle.

Shockwave Generator:
This devise, mounted usually on a wrist, will generate a powerful sonic blast capable tearing an opponent to pieces. The blast has a range of 20m and will also push back an opponent, adding an extra damage if they cannot be pushed back. E.g. if they hit a wall or another solid object.

From the Mandalorians to here 

You were born as a Mandalorian or raised by them given a new home when yours disappeared at a young age.

Truth be told it doesn't matter where you came from...
It doesn't matter what species you are or that you're not from the same bloodline...
All that matters is that you are part of the Mandalorian clans and they are your family.

Before you came here you were raised and learned the ways of the Mandalorian. You trained in the different styles of combat, you learned to speak the Mandalorian language and you have earned your armor and spot among the others by showing your dedication and gratitude.

You completed your basic training among the Mandalorians. It was time for you to go out on your own and decide which clan you wanted to join and consider as family.

You could have chosen one of the bigger clans that already made a name for themselves but there it would have been hard to get noticed. Or you could choose a small and upcoming Clan where you could make a name for yourself.

You chose the latter and have now sought out Clan Fortune that is a small part of a powerful coalition as the: "Dark Dominion".

You have been told to go to the Dark Dominions stronghold and seek your admission so you can earn the chance to; display your skills as a bounty hunter and mercenary, bring honor to the Mandalorians who raised you and make your name known to the galaxy.