When the Sith in training has risen to the same level as their Master, they are now worthy of taking on an apprentice of their own and begin the work their Master forged with them.  

They are now free to challenge for Lordship as well as striving for the very top of the pinnacle; Darth.

This is where one expands on one's personal roleplay as well as start to take charge in leading roleplay for others.

- Leadership: Politics/Structure/Power base
Final assignmentTaking up a position of note either within a Sphere, politically or adding a power base to the Coalitions assets. 

As one of the most vital things to a Sith Lord is not just their own power but the power backing them. A power base holds authority that is often based upon the size and influence of the power base itself this ranging from military power to political influence. 

But it is also vital to partake in the leadership of others; governing the weaker minded and forging even stronger Sith loyal to... the empire.

- The Trial of Sacrifice

An upcoming Sith Lord must first prove their loyalty to the Sith Order and the Darkside of the Force. The final trial before being granted the title of Sith Lord. 

The Sith Master must sacrifice something or someone deeply important to them. It is common for the sacrifice to be the Sith's family and/or associates. Such a sacrifice serves to sever all the Sith's ties to their former life but the sacrifice can also be of a non living nature.

The exact subject of the sacrifice is entirely up to the Coalition Council to determine.
A Sith Master must perform the sacrifice personally in order to pass through this trial and claim the title of Sith Lord.