Defense of the Empire, Military Offense & Military Strategy

Leader: The Warmaster of the Dark Dominion

The Sphere is concerned with the direction of the Imperial Military in order to preserve the Order and its people from external and internal threats. It is established to lessen the infighting between the orders powerbases. To protect the Order against both the Republic and the Empire's own self-destructive policies and potential infighting.
In case of internal or imperial society issues, the Sphere works closely together with the Sphere of Civil Administration who is in charge of law enforcement
The Sphere oversees the use of the Imperial Military in the defense of the Empire, divided into defense and strategy and directs the Imperial Military in all defensive and offensive military operations and campaigns of conquest and expansion, commanding the military's firepower and resources in order to destroy the Order's enemies and ensure their territorial and military supremacy. It controls the battle plans, strategies, and other military procedures. However, the sphere is also responsible for the strategies and battle plans as well as and other military procedures that would lead the Order to victory.

There is a strict structure to ensure that military order is maintained.

The main responsibility is leading the two Military branches:

- The Imperial Navy was the fleet branch of the Imperial Military

- The Imperial Army was the ground forces of the Imperial Military

In regards to soldier deployments, combat tactics, Special Forces, black ops missions and the general strategy of the war. The Ministry ensured all were appropriately garrisoned with military forces as one of their chief responsibilities.

It also often coordinated its efforts with the Imperial Intelligence.

MRD - The Military Mercenary Recruitment Division appropriately employed talented freelance professionals for Imperial service.