Nabiengo Teverin

A sith pureblood, his face a lighter red, with tentacles hanging from his face. Brown hair held tightly in a ponytail and a long slim figure. A quiet man and respectful, he loosens up with closer friends.

Short Background:

Coming from a noble family he was sent to the Korriban Academy at the age of 12, Nabiengo never really found out what love meant, for that isn't part of a pureblood. The only love is shown for power and potential of power, and so Teverin took it literally.

The reason the siths are so cruel is simple, being concentrated on one's possibility of power makes other's invisible and so what is there left to love but yourself?

Luckily our acolyte was taught the minimum of respect, letting loose to observations, leaving behind total concentration of self.

With this mentality, he strove, because respect and modesty are but tools to achieve power and shall be used as such. After graduating his courses on Korriban he left the planet to join a prestigious order within the empire, swelling with opportunities.

Detailed Story:

Chapter 1

His childhood was spent on the capital planet of the empire, Kaas. There he lived with his parents. His mother, a pure sith pureblood, and his father, a noble imperial human, force sensitive and a grand dark lord. Their relationship was not one of love and the family's interactions were cold and indifferent. Truth is Nabiengo didn't really see his parents ofte and most of the time he didn't even notice they were there. For he had other troubles which mostly included lightsaber sparring and a night at the library.

In one jolly afternoon, he went and had dinner with his parents as he usually did, but this was different, this time the news his father brought wasn't some uninteresting council decision, but something that truly Nabiengo dreamed of. He was sent to Korriban, to train as an acolyte. The arrangments had been made and a shuttle was prepared. The night passed, although horribly slow, it did pass. The next day, while on the shuttle platform, Teverin, that being his family name, gave one look to his parents. Both of them were smiling and so he smiled back and left to his future.

Chapter 2

Korriban, a foreign place to any, a planet full of death and sand. The legacy of the sith sprang around, with statues sky high and the main temple trembling the ground. As he stepped forward out of the shuttle he was met with the sight of his overseer. "You are young, you are to be molded acolyte... meet me in the temple for your first trial...". And that he did, and he kept doing that for that is all they taught him to do. Being a strong force user and rather competent fella he was eyed out by a secret organization outside the sith empire. He finally graduated and baited even further he decided to join the Empire of the Eternal Fire. His excitment was slowly cut out for he found out what the true world consisted off, he served as a guard first, witnessing how a man behaves in this society if he doesn't wish to lose his arm. Nabiengo learned silence and humility, fortunately it took him far. He made friends with a captain there, Tytanicus and together they went far within the ranks, eventually both becoming captains and competing for the job of councilor. Unfortunately one of the two princesses of the order died and the order fell apart as the emperor was almost invisible from the public eye of the guild. Tytanicus, thankfully managed to delete the records of his and Teverin's presence in the empire, leaving no tracks and escaping the disaster that was the crumbling so called "empire".

There, they split paths and after two long years, now at the age of 20, Nabiengo was looking for a place to call home, an order in which he could evolve and grow as he did in the former. He found that in The Dark Dominion, his future uncertain, he took a leap of faith.