Darth Nefaxious

Name: Untarion Thonn
Race: Human
Gender: Male


Believed to be born around 4000 BBY to a noble family on Corellia, the young would be Sith had his every whim met by his doting parents, neither of whom was strong in the force though from a long line of prominent force sensitives who excelled at understanding machinery, owning and overseeing quite a few star ship factories, only a few of whom had moved on to ever become Jedi, as the family kept their youths well away from such superstitious nonsense.

While still a young boy his father suddenly withdrew from supervising his many factories and only gave orders via voice holo or mail, rumours was that the noble Lord had fallen to a disease which had both crippled and disfigured him. And time between words from him to his executives slowly became longer and longer.

Almost a decade later the Lady of the noble house suddenly sent out a distress call claiming the house was under attack by a monster and that the Lord had fallen to it.

When CorSec investigators, assisted by a few jedi, arrived at the tower of the noble house they found no servants or personnel inside, records showed they had been laid off, and the house was in disrepair and poorly kept. The investigators also discovered the withered corpse of a grotesque man, seemingly mummified, heavily augmented with cybernetics which almost resembled something imagined for children toy instead of for real use, DNA scans revealed it to be the corpse of the noble Lord.

Further investigations found the corpse of the Lady of the house, curled up in a corner and shot through the head by her own hand with a blaster, in a locked room, playing with a few toys in the middle of the room was the young boy, seemingly unharmed and unaffected by the events that had transpired in the tower.

The jedi examining the boy found him to be strong in the force and one of them volunteered to hurriedly take off with him from the tower to bring him to safety, while the rest continued the examination, the jedi however never made it to the jedi compound as it was not a jedi at all, but a sith infiltrating the jedi, and having sensed the great power and darkness in the boy, as of course the young boy was the cause of the tragedies that had befallen his house, toying and experimenting with his powers and knowledge of machinery, the sith spirited the young boy off to deliver him to one of the Sith academies, one less known but great in power, Malachor Five.

His time on Malachor Five was among the fondest memories of the young Sith, a time of studying new powers and harnessing great knowledge from the dark libraries of the academy. It came as no surprise to the Sith Lords overseeing the academy that the young Sith quickly ascended in ranks and became a prominent power well versed in Sith Alchemy and claiming the name Nefaxious.

As all things goes all good time comes to an end, and for Untarion it came in the form of a great battle fought in the space above his favourite dark world, as a Dark Lord unleashed a devastating super weapon from the surface of the planet to destroy all the ships in orbit, defenders and attackers alike, at the cost of the planet, fracturing it into many pieces.

The dark lord Untarion managed to escape the devastations as one of a few, and witnessed the effects it had on others, though with some distaste as they succumbed to their new powers, the Dark Lord developed his own version of one such power managing to revitalise himself through the life of others, or at least his appearance.

Decades later, having made the ship he escaped on into his home and continued his studies secluded in the shrouds of darkness surrounding the broken world, the Dark Lord finally set out into the galaxy in search of more knowledge, never staying in one place too long but still offering his services to other Sith with a desire to learn.

Centuries passed as the galaxy turned in this manner, the Dark Lord feeding on the life of unfortunates crossing his path at the wrong time and place. Eventually the Dark Lord heard a call in the void, a mewling that piqued his interest, and following the scent of fear and hate he came on a slavers ship. While feasting on the contents he found a pair of Cathar kittens, and the sensing of their pain was what had brought him to the ship, so he relieved the slavers of their burdens and took in the twins.

The twins, Thara and Xoshoni was both strong in the force, but blissfully free of the culture of the Cathar ways, and so the Darth Nefaxious took to parenting the pair and taught them of the Sith and how to use their powers.

Thara was a strong and fierce fighter, so he taught her how to harness the hate, while amplifying and augmenting her body as she grew. Xoshoni was more inward and caring of all things living, and the Darth brought her many pets to care for, pets that always seemed too short lived and died when she attached herself to them, and as the caring father, Nefaxious taught her to deal with the grief and pain of loss to enhance her powers.

Always bring the ship back to Malachor to let the kittens grow up surrounded by the darkness and letting it saturate them to even greater hights, before going to new places to study, learn and feast.

During one such trip back to the destroyed world, to further experiment with the twins, the dark lords' experiments was cut short by the appearance of another ship near his. Talking briefly with the intruder, a sith lord named Dracken, Darth Nefaxious invited the pureblood aboard his mobile sanctuary.

Lord Dracken was revealed to be a formidable warrior, as per his nature the older Darth naturally tested the new arrivals strength against his own. Though the warrior lacked the strength in force abilities of the dark lord he still managed to satisfy with brute strength and rage, holding on through various barrages from the dark lord and slowly gaining ground. The fighting ended once the pureblood got too close to the Darth, forcing him to trigger a cage and capture the sith.

Darth Nefaxious congratulated Lord Dracken while the kittens squealed in glee at the display of the power from both sith. Slowly calming the young sith, a trade was suggested, Dracken would train the twins in lightsaber combat, in return he would gain his freedom, something the dark lord would have given anyway, and personal secrets from the vast knowledge of the Darth.

Dracken agreed begrudgingly at first, but as he studied the two Cathar younglings as they celebrated the Darth's proposal behind his back, dark force streaming out from them in their uncontrolled revelry, he began to become intrigued as well.

For the next many months, the pureblood stayed on Darth Nefaxious' sanctuary, training the Cathar kittens how to forcefully wield their sabres and in return he gained insight into many secrets on how to manipulate the darkness surrounding the ruined world.

Once Lord Dracken was satisfied with the twins grasp on the various techniques and a few of the powers accompanying the basic fighting styles, the two sith continued their travels separately. Darth Nefaxious returned to his secret laboratory having gleaned new ideas from the meeting with the young sith.

The two young Cathar continued feverously training combat along with the various powers they had learned during the many trips to Malachor.

Years passed, and Darth Nefaxious' sanctuary slowly began filling with toys he made as the twins grew ever more powerful, and new space was needed. An apartment on Media was procured and thus new experiences began to accumulate for the twins as they visited the various layers of the massive urban planet.

One day as the Darth was returning to his sky apartment with Thara, having run various experiments on her implants and refitted her cybernetics, Xoshoni was waiting for them by the door looking a bit fidgety. She quickly informed Nefaxious that a holo message marked as urgent had arrived and was awaiting his attention. The message was from the now titled Darth Dracken, about a proposition for a position at a coalition of powerbases, he was asking for Darth Nefaxious' support of a friend of his, a former Darth who sought to reclaim her title, in return a position on the coalition's council would be given along with influence and resources of the coalitions department of scientific advancement.

It was a good offer and though the Dark Lord had little patience in dealing with the internal politics of squabbling young sith he told Thara and Xoshoni to prepare to receive guests in the near future and sent a message back to Darth Dracken, accepting to meet him and his companion to further discuss the details.