1. Why do we ask a participating member to describe how an event was, not the arranger?

This is to highlight that The Dark Dominion requires active participation by all members, and to encourage member feedback.

2. Why do we encourage members to make their own event within the first months?
The Dark Dominion is different from many guilds, in that when we function at our best, the members are the driving forces of RP creation, and of building on and widening the events. It is not the officers' job to 'bake people an rp cake'. So to build both of these up, we make "doing your event" something everybody has done. But we also do it in the stage of membership where it should be natural to ask for help if needed and it's ok to try something uncomfortable. When people have done something, not just talked about it, or learned it, it is often easier to continue doing it.

3. Why do we ask a trial member if they wish to become a full member, instead of just awarding them the promotion?
It is a way to ask for commitment, to say that not only is your trial period over, but that you need to make the choice to become a full member - yourself. Ideally, this help builds a bit of "ownership" around the role of Member. Coincidentally we apply variations of this thinking to other roles too: Officer and members alike. People have to actively step up to the responsibility.

Comments from The Officer Team

Typically guilds take new people in on probation to evaluate them and see if they fit in, with the threat of being kicked if not good enough. This is a very authoritarian approach, which is exacerbated by 'having to do tasks' or 'having to do an event' (= having to do an exam in order to be judged good enough). The Dark Dominion instead always says (when explaining the trial period to someone about to join) that it is about the person deciding if the guild is right for them, and about having people to support them to understand and make links with the guild in order to do that. That's Equal-Equal. Doing the event is not about being assessed; it's about stepping up and showing you want to actively contribute to the guild - and that you trust the guild to help you make things work.So when it comes to the promotion, having done all this - the ritual of asking the mentor "Are they ready?" and then asking the trial member "Are you ready to become a full Member of The Dark Dominion?" is really meaningful. It underlines the Equal-Equal relationship. At the point where you are asked if you want to become a full Member, you know the guild. You know who you are being invited to join. And when you say you want to join, it is a rite of passage, a commitment to all those people you have met, and who are there waiting for your answer.