The Sith way of life as we know it has evolved in both small and significant ways since the inception of its modern variant over three millennia prior, brought about from the minds of Sorzus Syn and her compatriots. Despite these changes we still follow it in spirit and in deed, recognizing it as the only true path to power and freedom. Learn our ways well, go beyond the words laid down in dusty tomes forever lost to time - live them, breathe them. Inevitably the young must replace the old, and if they should find themselves unprepared, then the death of our Empire is as assured as the sunset.

The following are philosophies all Sith serving the Dark Lord are expected to observe.

The Sith Code
The Sith Code is both the focus of one's power, and the foundation on which said power is built. Its surface level reading provides clear-cut instructions that have been tested and proven true over countless years.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Beneath the surface lies deeper meaning, and key philosophical observations. The first line of the Code extends beyond individual Sith to encompass and consider the whole of existence, and then passes judgment on every being or construct, known or otherwise. Its assertion is the complete rejection of peace as the ground state for any system regardless of complexity. Only through the forges of conflict can one evolve beyond their inherent limitations, from one moment to the next.
Each subsequent line offers similar insight - something for all Sith to consider in their own time, and figure how to best wield to their benefit.

The Dark Side of the Force

Much has been said and written on the nature of the Dark Side, and precious little of it is conclusive. Is it naturally occurring or is it generated by the desires and actions of sentient beings? Does it have a will all its own, or is it the intent of the wielder what drives all actions and subsequent consequence? Of the mechanics that govern it likewise little is known, though we have through untold millennia carved out knowledge of specific use through trial and experimentation. What we've learned is that few are born with a natural affinity for its energies, however all Force sensitive beings can wield its power, if to a lesser degree. Potential can be squandered or realized in varying degrees regardless of predisposition, and thus it is the duty of each and every Sith and Imperial to excel and to always improve. Apathy and stagnation are tantamount to a living death, and they have no place in our lives.
The one point beyond debate when it comes to the Dark Side is the power it offers. To plumb its depths requires an immutable will and enduring sacrifice, however what we offer is returned to us many times over. For some this is a goal all its own, for others it is but a means to an end, yet both would readily attest that there is no faster or otherwise superior path to power and greatness. To turn away from the Dark Side is an act of cowardice, and no true Sith would suffer such an individual to live, unless they were manipulated into further spreading the Dark Side's reach across the galaxy, for indeed that is a goal worthy of being pursued and advanced without need for any other incentive beyond seeing it realized.

The Empire

Our Empire has survived many cataclysmic events, always rising again from what seems to be the brink of annihilation after learning the lessons to be found in events that led to disaster. While some traditionalists mourn the loss of what they consider to be the true way, they evidently never stopped to question how it was that their supposedly true way was proven flawed. Learning from the past is crucial for our complete understanding of how we came to be where we are, but do not fall victim to venerating it, for in so doing you will blind yourself to the changing reality in the here and now. As the Code teaches us, there can be no peace in the pursuit of freedom and perfection.

We bear the Empire on our shoulders for it is one of the purest expressions of our drive and goals as Sith, it is the tool through which we spread our ideals to the galaxy at large. To turn away from the Empire is the lowest form of treason, and those who have done so don't deserve the time it would take you to spit on their grave. The act of betraying our shared history and culture alone is not worthy of so strong a condemnation as some shrewd thinkers will be quick to argue we hold no obligation to honor such ties should they prove burdensome. No, the true crime being perpetrated in turning away from the Empire is denying the Dark Side an agent through which its influence might be spread, and that cannot be tolerated.