==========   Dedication   ==========   Unity   ==========   Strength   ==========

This is what bind us and this is what we achieve.

Are you a brave Acolyte, Sith, Imperial, Agent and you wish to achieve the same goals for our Great Empire?
Then we are looking for you.
The Dark Dominion is looking for experienced, dedicated and diverse role-players as well as new comers; in terms of acceptance, all are welcome.

We are a heavy RP Sith coalition, comprised of several Sith Noble Houses and Powerbases joined through political and militaristic interests.
They help with the Empires struggles and focus on furthering its goals. 

We can offer the following:
* Variety of events: Lessons/Guild storyline/Trials and more
* Combat Training (Dueling/Self)
* Progression System
* Role system
* Master and Apprentice RP
* Social and casual day to day RP
* Fully unlocked and decorated Yavin Stronghold
* Personal SH's used for guildwide RP
* Guild Fleet SH
* Discord for every day talk

The way in which we assess this is through a minor application process.

* If there is anything not basic to lore this is important to note in the application