Code of Conduct - Out of character

Art. 1: Requirements

All members require Discord to keep up to date on the event calendar and announcements.
As this is where we communicate both IC and OOC, providing a chance to ask questions and give answers.

Art. 2: Age limit
15 is the minimum RL age required to join.
This has been agreed upon by the guild and is maintained to keep all members comfortable with the maturity of the guild content.
- If we find that, you have lied about your age to get into the guild you will be removed immediately.

Art. 3: Conduct
We are aiming for a friendly and warm atmosphere; a bit of banter is great but keep it cool. A few things to keep in mind:
- Keep it civil. Be polite and kind to those around you.
- No excessive use of profanity, homophobia, racist slur and sexism.
- No talk that encourages drug use of any kind.
- Refrain from needless spamming.
- Please do not troll someone else's person.
- Please do not slag off/slander other guilds or players in public channels.
During guild-wide events, try to keep the use of guild chat to a minimum to avoid loss of focus and the breaking of immersion. Likewise, keep questions for the event DM short and easily answerable during the event. Debates and critiques can wait until after the event.

Remember: If you act kindly towards other players, it will reflect well on you. If you act badly it will reflect badly on the entire guild.

Art. 4: Characters
Only one main character is allowed in the guild along with one alt. It is possible to petition the Officer Team in regards to an extra alt character.
You can only have one character in any council position or direct leadership position. Your main and alt must be of different "classes" meaning you cant have two sith or two bounty hunters.
NOTE: We treat alts as individual toons meaning they have their own activity count both for attendance /activity and progression.

Art. 5: No Mary Sues
We don't allow Mary Sues: A Mary Sue is a perfect character with no flaws that has a unbalanced amount of abilities or power that only works to their advantage, and makes them able to always fix every impasse they meet, or know anything that is needed. Mary Sues can have weird or impossible character builds, or cocktails to let them be able to be everything in one character by either bloodline, race or class.

Art. 6: Power must be justified
In other words the character needs to have valid reasons if they hold a large amount of power or powerful abilities, and all powers have drawbacks to them. Powers needs to be in accordance with lore or approved by the Review Team. The guild has its own Force Power system that every force member must abide by.

Art. 7: No meta- or power gaming
The concept of meta-gaming and power emotes are strictly prohibited, as we have been part of the roleplaying community long enough to know how damaging it can be. If someone is caught doing this, they will receive a warning and if they continue, then they will be removed from the guild and Discord.

Art. 8: In Character is In Character
Keep OOC talk to appropriate channels.
We understand that sometimes there is need to discuss IC matters in guild chat or private to conclude it or get more clarity on a situation, you might not understand.
Remember to separate you as a player from your character.
What you know OOC is not necessarily something your character knows IC.
Using OOC information will result in a warning.
If someone's character is behaving negatively towards yours, it is not reflected towards you as a person. Do not assume that the behavior and emotions of a character are the behavior and emotions of the player. When in doubt, ask. Always treat IC as IC, whether you like it or not.
You may not always like how other people RP, but they have every bit as much of a right to RP as you do. Do not expect private conversations to be undisturbed and unheard if you have them in a city. Do not expect other characters to behave the way you would like them to, IC or OOC.

Art. 9: OOC Issues with another member
Any issues with other members should be resolved privately. If there is any disagreement or if things tense and haven't been resolved bring your issue up with a member of the Officer Team and it will be dealt with accordingly.
We won't tolerate heated negative discussions in guild chat or in discord. If an officer says stop, it is to stop immediately as their word is law.

Art. 10: Conflict and proof
To avoid drama and conflict the Officer Team will operate with a certain warning system. If an individual violates rules from the Code of Conduct, several times it will start with an informal warning to notify the individual that he is going out of line. If it happens too often, they might receive their first warning, which is a warning. When the individual reaches three warnings, he/she will be removed from the guild. Instant removal from the guild is only authorized with a majority of the Officer Team accepting this.

It is normal from time to time to disagree with one another but we, the Officer Team, expect our members to handle this professionally and keep it in closed circles. Meaning that conflicts should be dealt with in a group or private. If such conflicts happen in our guild chats, the Officers are authorized to hand out a warning or more depending on the severity of the violation. Screenshots are always required as proof to an incident. Are you not able to make screenshots or did you disconnect? No worries, you can inform an Officer and we will monitor the situation.The Officer Team does not appreciate false rumors or accusations to be thrown around by anyone, therefore this is deemed punishable. If there is a conflict, the individual can report this to the Officer Team and let us handle the situation. Without proof, it did not happen. If we receive many accusations from the same individual without actual proof, then he/she might be receiving a warning.

Art. 11: Real life
We are a guild in a game, and work, family and other RL things are always more important, and will not be held against you. However, if you join, we will expect you to take care of foreseen RL matters so that you will be online when you said you would. We are aware that unforeseen things do happen, like a friend dropping by, but going off e.g. to your PlayStation on your own in the middle of something or multitasking so that the person RP'ing with you is waiting around for every answer, is just rude.
We are an international Order playing on an English-speaking server. Therefore, we use English when we communicate in chat and on Voice chat so that all understand.

Art. 12: Inactivity and removal
Inactivity for more than 14 days will result in a warning with a week to either come back or unless a reason has been given to an Officer or in the absence channel. If this is not done then your character being removed from the guild.
Mind that as a main character guild we also look to inactivity as people being more on other characters than then one they have within the guild.

If a person holds, a high position in character or out of character, this person can be removed at any time at the discretion of the officers.

Note, however, that there are no guarantees that someone who has been removed from the guild in this manner will automatically be invited if they re-apply. 

* Inactivity includes both those who don't log on at all and those who log on briefly without making contact/RP with the guild.
* For a member to be removed from the guild, it takes the decision of the entire officers' team or not living up to the above mentioned.
* People who behave in a manner that brings disrepute to the guild or break COC, such as e.g. talking OOC in /say, sending rude whispers etc. may be warned or removed from the guild.
* We follow the terms of use. Public display of ERP (erotic role-play) will result in removal from the guild. This game is allowed from 13 years and up. That means any character you encounter might have a 13-year-old behind the keyboard or even younger. It goes not only for the character you actually roleplay with but also for anyone who might be within earshot. Just because you don't see them, it doesn't mean they are not there. Remember that there are classes capable of stealth.
* People who have been warned by an officer about their behavior and still don't change, or warrant a warning for something else, may be removed from the guild.

- NOTE: If the officers or leader gives a warning, this will happen three times and then result in a removal from the guild if above mentioned is not followed, as we do not wish toxicity and strife in the guild. We do not evict people out of a grudge, but we will keep the rules fair to everyone. As such there are no hard feelings towards any that will have to leave the guild today and we will happily speak with them if they wish it.

Code of Conduct
- In character

Art. 1:
Don't act openly against your fellow members. (Punishment and dueling not included)
We are a united order so internal problems must be settled quickly. If two people dislike one another and is, causing a nuisance to the order no matter what rank, it will be brought before the Council and dealt with swiftly.
Depending on situation, this could result in severe punishment and perhaps removal from the guild.

Art. 2:
Always adhere to your Council members.
General mockery, disrespecting superiors and leaders, casting doubt on the aims of the Order will all be punished if a warning is not heeded.

Art. 3:
Be respectful towards allies, unless it's authorized by the Council.

Art. 4:
Do not bring outsiders into the stronghold or onto the flag ship unannounced and don't use them as a private meeting place between you and your friends.

Art. 5:
Never attack first openly unless approved by the Council.

Art. 6:
All information regarding missions, campaigns and research within the order is not to be shared externally.
If a member is seen to be leaking information of personal, military or financial nature of the order this should be brought to the attention of the Council immediately.

Art. 7:
Treason to the order will result in persecution from the rest of the order followed by a punishment set by the Council regarding what the treason involves.

  • Treason:
    When treason goes against one or a few members.
    If a member is seen to be leaking information of personal, military or financial nature of the order.
    Treason is punishable by near death.
  • High treason:
    When treason goes against most or the whole of the order.
    The committing of a crime that seriously threatens the safety of the entire order.
    Holding no loyalty to the Order.
    Treason is punishable by death.

IC Punishments within The Dark Dominion

The Council decides punishments within the order with accordance to Empire law.

Punishments only come into play when a person within the order, be it a simple member or one of higher rank, breaks the rules or puts the rest of the people's lives at risk.

Depending on the severity of the crime and the position, a member holds within the order a fitting humiliation, physical or mental punishment shall be decided as previously stated by the Council, and executed as quickly and swiftly as possible.

If the accused feels the punishment set from the council is too severe, they can get to choose what punishment they receive.

Those who decided which punishments they want doesn't get to decide how they are punished in that category, and vise-versa.