Technology and biotic science

Leader: The High Alchemist of the Dark Dominion

The sphere is responsible for all scientific and technological research and advancement of the Order.
It oversees everything alchemical and biotic science and is dedicated to the research and development of new technology. It holds a significant amount of influence in order to achieve its aims through other agencies within the Order.

The Sphere oversees the creation of powerful new cybernetics, superweapons, military technology and other revolutionary machines for the good of the Order. The Sphere is also charged with the command of all aspects of the Order that deals with the organic body. The medical proceedings, cybernetic augmentation, disease control, Sith alchemy, as well as genetic engineering or manipulation and experiments in regards to alter or adapt biological subjects to suit, specific needs or find means to use alien species or technology to enhance the Orders operatives all falls within the Sphere's control.

IMC - Imperial medical Corps is charged with the medical treatment and care of the Orders Imperial forces as well as every other member within.

The division was deployed on both active battlefields and conquered planets.