Darth Shiiyara "Vira'Cious" Thrakkus

Shiiyara Veldaan is the epitome of a noble Sith pureblood. She was born to rule amongst her kin and from her earliest years, she devoted herself to the Force and was raised to put the advancement of her House and the acquisition of personal power and influence before her own needs and desires.
She is from a powerful Sith family and holds high influence in her city, her station second only to her older brother Marraques.

She is 6 ft. tall, short by Sith standards, athletic, and graceful, with a slender built and curious form. She is a Sith of great beauty but most do not pick this as a character trait for her beauty fades in comparison to her ferocity and ambition.

She is arrogant, confident, and fearless but despite her cruel and aspiring nature, Shiiyara is patient, a character trait that allows her to carefully maneuver situations to her advantage. She is shrewd and calculating, and a powerful vessel of the Force, despite her often flippant but loyal attitude toward her Empire.

Shiiyara is a potent Force user, and prior to her succession to Darth, she served as Mistress Mother in the Academy on Korriban.

As a prominent user of the Force, her father Darth Malix trained Shiiyara in preparation for becoming a Darth; and therefor she was well qualified for the position by the time she ascended to it.

Shrewd and ambitious though she is, Shiiyara did not expect to be landed with the role of Darth so early, and she slightly resented the position at first due to the precarious position she was put in all the time.

Shiiyara married Lord Vahlken Thrakkus and together they had two daughters Vierna oldest and Shayvara youngest.

Because of the Sith's acceptance of harsh practices and the consequence of her own station and upbringing Shiiyara was a harsh taskmaster with her own children. She used violence as part of her motivation in teaching her daughters their part as aspiring ladies in Sith society. She instilled the mindset of unquestionable respect, obedience, and reverence toward herself and the house Thrakkus.

For strategic reasons Shiiyara wanted a strong position in both the force and the basic militaristic side of the city. Therefor with Shayvara being the most potent in the use of the force she was chosen to go to Korriban while Vierna who had a love for regular combat and militaristic flair was conscripted under her uncle Colonel Marraques.

As the matriarch of house Thrakkus, Shiiyara was one the most influential women in the city.

She guided the house in her husband's absence through tough times and continued to do so in the presence of looming catastrophe when her husband Vahlken was killed for high treason.

She made sure that House Thrakkus was not lost, continually proving herself to be a capable politician - just as her father had been.

She barely managed to keep her life as well as the title of Lord of House Thrakkus but was forced to renounce the title of Darth to keep the House safe after her husbands death.

Only with the aid of Darth Exillius a renowned ally who's ties to Shiiyara and House Thrakkus are unknown to most, did Shiiyara escape her husbands fate and managed to keep the house from falling into ruin.

With the House nearly brought to its knees after the death of Darth Vahlken, Lord of House Thrakkus both daughters have been called to stand at their mother's side to return House Thrakkus to its glory and renown.

Joining House Rue was a strategic move suggested by Darth Exillus to get more influence and from there backing to support her in reclaiming her lost title.

But this did not go as planned and the House soon fell due to incompetent leadership derived from misguidance and hubris on behalf of the head of the House.

Instead of just leaving the shattered pieces of the Powerhouse she stayed together with Darth Exillus and the remaining young Sith to reclaim what was promised; a grand coalition of Sith comprised of several Noble Houses and Powerbases joined through political and militaristic interests to become one of the strongest forces in the empire.

After they had sent out word to their allies, she one morning received an invitation from someone she had almost forgotten over the years, Darth Dracken. Curious she accepted the invitation from Darth Dracken who while working with her late husband had been a close friend of the family.

He had heard of their idea to form a great powerbase and therefor he wanted to extend his backing so as to regain her Darth title along with another of his allies Darth Nefax and hoped for my support in both of them joining. Yara agreed to talk with Darth Exillus on their behalf who knowing Darth Dracken from times past agreed to them joining the coalition that had come to be know as The Dark Dominion.

With the backing of Darth Exillus, Darth Dracken and Darth Nefax she finally reclaimed her lost title as Darth Vira'cious and ascended to her new position as High judge; head of Civic administration on the Council now formed within the Dark Dominion.