Ancient Knowledge, Mysteries and Sith Philosophy

Leader: The Arch Mystic of the Dark Dominion

The sphere of Sith Doctrine oversees anything to do with knowledge of the force, it's mysteries and rituals. Additionally, the induction of new acolytes into the order of Sith also falls under the responsibilities of this sphere. The sphere works closely with all the others as it is vital that acolytes are educated in a wide variety of aspects in Sith society. The most vital role of this sphere however, is to expand Sith knowledge of the force, and direct the growth of the empire along the philosophies set down by the founders of the order, and ofcourse by the empress and her dark council. Being seen as fairly large, if counting the mass of acolytes it usually train, the actual sphere itself is a more dedicated circle of scholars and teachers. These sith, while most are quite capable at it, have little interest in the pursuit of battle, rather they seek to empower themselves and the order through knowledge and use of the force, be it in practical use, or more esoteric magics.

Organizations that fall under the spheres influence:

Inquisitors: In the Dominion inquisitors are not a standing force of Sith, rather it is a title the Arch Mystic can bestow upon others whom he deem worthy.
These inquisitors responsibilities then become, in addition to any others they may have, to teach others in the ways of the Sith, and if spotting them, investigating and reporting traitors to the Sith.

IRS- Imperial Reclamation Service: While the sphere of Sith Doctrine does not employ common soldiers for the purpose of battle, the Arch Mystic has seen fit to employ small teams or individuals from the Imperial Reclamation Service to aid in discovery and recovery of artifacts and relics.

Acolytes: While often a rowdy and undisciplined bunch, the Arch Mystic considers the acolytes to be part of his sphere and will consider it respectful if he is notified of any training with them or disciplinary actions taken against them