Sith within the dark dominion are expected to live up to the high standard that we set for all Sith. 

The Sith progression line is divided into 5 tiers that supports ones progression through the ranks from acolyte to Lord.
Each tier holds lessons one needs to master and finishes with and end trial.

Passing The End Trial lets one progress to the next tier/rank and is an event about the character that is based upon their own story development and that involves all subjects.

- The Sith: History/Code/Conduct
- Saber Combat: Philosophy/Forms/Lightsaber
- The Force: Physical/Living/Cosmic

- Knowledge: Lore/Science & Alchemy/Artifacts & Holocrons
- Strength: Advanced saber combat/Force empowerment/Critical Marks
- Power: Magic & Sorcery/Dark psychology/Advanced force powers

- Spheres of Influence: The 5 spheres of the Coalition
- Operations: Galactic Cultures/Hazardous Environments 
- Education: Expectations/Apprenticeship

- Leadership: Politics/Structure/Power base

- Beyond: Pursuit/Goal/Conquest

Training Grades:

Training grade I: 1-100, 4HP 
Training grade II: 10-105, 4HP 
Training grade III: 20-110, 4HP 
Training grade IV: 30-115, 5HP 
Training grade V: 40-120, 6HP 
Training grade VI: 50-125, 7HP 
Training grade VII: 60-130, 8HP 
Training grade VIII: 70-135, 9HP 
Training grade IX: 80-140, 10HP

These can be trained individually of rank,
through theory and practical lessons.

Equipment Upgrades:

Unlike other progressions Sith do not get equipment upgrades and only a few special benefits, and can instead use and buy force powers with their force power points as explained in the force power section.


- Acolyte (0/3): Force Sensitive Powers 
- Acolyte (1/3): 2 Force Power Points 
- Acolyte (2/3): 2 Force Power Points 
- Acolyte (3/3): 2 Force Power Points 

- Adept (0/3): Force Combination Attack,
   Lightsaber Deflection 
- Adept (1/3): 4 Force Power Points 
- Adept (2/3): 4 Force Power Points 
- Adept (3/3): 4 Force Power Points 

- Specialist (0/3): Additional Force Attack,
   Lightsaber Reflection
- Specialist (1/3): 6 Force Power Points 
- Specialist (2/3): 6 Force Power Points 
- Specialist (3/3): 6 Force Power Points 

- Master: 8 Force Power Points
- Lord: 10 Force Power Points
- Darth: +10/5 to TG roll and +2hp (fear factor) 

Force Combination Attack: Once per combat round, a force user can use a force attack as a combi attack without a penalty to their attack roll. 

Lightsaber Deflection: A sith with this ability can, if wielding a lightsaber deflect blaster bolts and solid projectiles. When used as a defensive action, the force user can roll twice on their defensive roll. 

Additional Force Attack: Once per combat round, a force user can, instead of a combi attack, chose to use two force powers at the same time. Meaning when you reach a (0/3) you begin learning about the powers, but won't get your first powers till after your first trial on the rank.  

Lightsaber Reflection: When the force user successfully deflects a blaster or solid shot, they can instead attempt to reflect it back on the shooter. After a successful lightsaber deflection, the force user makes a separate attack roll to see if they can hit the shooter with their own attack.

Starting hook - From the academy to here

No matter where you came from before joining us... 
No matter what trials and obstacles you needed to overcome to get here... 

Before coming here as an Acolyte you faced your first lessons of sith life in one such academy or along the path that led you here by your own means. 

An Acolyte knows that everyone around them will sooner or later be a threat to their goal. For most, the others will be a wall in their path. 
Some will break, giving proof of their weakness as their own existence dissipates into nothingness. 
Others, instead, will scale the wall without remorse for the rubble that is left behind in their wake and pursuit of power. 

By what ever means, those who succeed in coming here have proven that they are simply better, their passions more pure - their thirst stronger. 

So the real question remains... Are you worthy...? 

Some prove themselves at the right time and get noticed, but most are not so lucky as to find a master. 
They instead get sent to the most renowned of Power bases in hopes of proving themselves useful to the empire through them. 

Here you have a new chance to find a master and raise above the herd.