Now the road has been chosen be it Champion, Sorcerer or Scholar and the focus will be on honing ones skills in preparation for becoming a Master oneself. 
The specialization is an expansion of the acolyte trials and a refinement of the adepts training.
Everything now is learning the last of others before standing fully one ones own ready to teach others and lead others down the Dark Path.
This is a mixture between individual and group story-lines that seeks to make the character independent and ready to become a master him- or herself.

All the training is overseen by ones master or learn by different masters as a Neophyte*. 

- Spheres of Influence: The 5 spheres of the Coalition

Final assignment: Obtaining a sphere or making a public essay on the one you have.

The Spheres of Influence are the five domains of politics and power within the Sith.
Through the Spheres, the Dark Council controls and oversees all that is Sith.
As this is the foundation of the Sith it is important to know and find ones own place in this.
Learn of each sphere and what they stand for even if you are already under one it is just as vital to know the others. They will have to speak to each of the Spheres members and lastly talk with the head of the Sphere to gain ones stars.

- Operations: Galactic Cultures/Hazardous Environments 
Final assignment: Plan & execute a guild mission

To know the world around us, knowing the environments and how to cope everywhere both on planet and off world is key to survival. But as a Sith one needs to also know the ideas, customs, and social behavior of other people or societies. Knowing such can mean the difference between victory and failure. 

- Education: Expectations/Apprenticeship

Final assignment: Choose an apprentice

Sith apprentices learn from their Master's everything from lightsaber technique to the ways of the Force; specifically the dark side and how to harness it. Sith apprentices are taught to staunchly adhere to the Sith code.
And as the flaws of the apprentices are the failures of the master knowing how to teach and what to teach is essential for a Sith to learn.

While all methods of Sith training has the same goal of crafting the initiate into a powerful, dark side-fueled weapon, there are many different methods and traditions for doing so.
Firstly, as the Sith are possessed of considerably higher standards than the Jedi, their training is a great deal more intensive and much more exclusive. As it is geared towards weeding out the weak, it is quite often potentially lethal. Sith are taught to draw upon their rage and use the Force as a weapon and a tool for personal advancement. Overt displays of power, such as advanced Force techniques and martial prowess, are often focused on.

- The Specialist Trial 

The final test for the Sith in order to ascend is to best their Master, and claim the title of Master for themselves (and begin the cycle anew). The Sith may choose to openly challenge their Master when they feel they are ready, stealthily try to take their Master by surprise or even form some kind of trap for their Master to best them and show their worthiness to stand on their own.

The Sith Master must always be aware of their Apprentice's plots, and although succession is the ultimate culmination of a Sith Apprentice's training, the Master should make every effort to make his Apprentice's ascension very difficult though still possible for the Sith to prove their worth (as a Sith with a Darth as their master would else have a hard time ever ascending).

This trial is determined and executed by the Sith themselves and must entail most of their training to show how fare they have come and how much they have learned.

A Neophyte will need to have to partition the Coalition Council for the permission to do this trial and not get killed for attacking a superior.  

*Neophyte studies are a bit more complicated as they need to find ways of learning the subjects and getting both their subject Final assignment as well as the end trials done.