Nfolgai is located on the edge of Sith space (Esstran sector), it is a planet with a strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force. The northern hemisphere is a barren wasteland of great mountains and the southern hemisphere is a jungle (which is where we will be located). There is a distinct lack of water on the planet so the vegetation absorbs minerals mostly instead so they act as a large jammer of scanners and sensors.


Nfolgai is an arid world and the only habitable planet in the Nfolgai system.
The Nfolgai system is located at the edge of Sith Space, right on the edge of the Stygian Caldera.
It is situated along the Descri Wris, a remote hyperlane branch connecting to the Nacha Bhelfia loop via Athiss and Ziost.
The stellar primary of the system was named Woyunoks, or "little one", in the ancient Sith language given its small size. A K-type main sequence star, Woyunoks was smaller and cooler than most stars with habitable planets within the territory of the old Sith Empire.

Nfolgai is the third planet from the star, located at the extreme edge of the star's life zone. The inner two planets, Mysia and Triax, lack any atmosphere and are essentially barren rocks. The outermost planet, Gryin, is a large gas giant with twelve terrestrial moons.
The orbit between Nfolgai and Gyrin is dominated by a dense asteroid belt. This belt is thought to be the remains of a proto-planet whose formation was prevented by Gyrin's gravitational field


With copious mountain ranges and desolate wastelands, Nfolgai's northern hemisphere provides little sustenance to support large populations of settlers. The northern mountain ranges stretch for thousands of kilometers, leaving terrain that offers little in the way of habitable valleys or farmable land.

The equatorial mountain ranges are older than those of the north and are consequently far less imposing. This area remains very hilly and arid. The soil, much more metallic than in the north, begins to deepen in color when compared to the sandy dust.

The south is marked with smaller, gentler mountains, and its valleys are made up entirely of jungles and still comparatively arid swampland. The largest of such valleys span for several hundred kilometers. This southern region boasts the only real farmable land over the planet's surface, but the growing season is short due to the harsh climate.

Between the barren wastes in the north and the dense jungles in the south, the weather in between is unpredictable at best and downright destructive and impassable at worst. The Dark Side influence can be felt in how the weather is corrupted, with random bouts of acid rain, black lightning, and other manifestations of unusual and altered states.

The tall mountains of the north provide for a vast difference in air pressures and create winds that can become violent and swirl through their valleys. Frequent storms of stinging rains and deadly sand twisters rage back and forth, caused by the upheaval in the atmosphere.

The north and south polar caps contain nearly all of the water on the planet, frozen in large glaciers. The mountains are smaller near the pole and are completely frozen over.

There is very little water on the planet that isn't frozen at the poles. Most of the free water is in the southern jungles and marshes, though even there it is somewhat sparse. Due to the lack of water, the flora on Nfolgai adapted to make use of the high metallic-mineral content in the soil in order to maintain their structure in the absence of water. This adaptation has left the plants themselves with very high metal content, making scanners and sensors virtually useless in the southern jungles. The more barren climate of the north offers very little in the way of flora. The plants native to this region bury their roots deep into the crust of the planet, absorbing what little water is available as well as the minerals required to sustain life.


Nfolgai has been occupied at various points throughout history by the Sith Empire.

The remote location of the world lead to it never being heavily populated by the Sith Empire at any point, and it remained mostly hidden and tucked away from the rest of the galaxy for thousands of years after the Empire's demise.

Nfolgai was first settled by outsiders following the Rakatan invasion of Korriban and the death of the Sith King, or Sith'ari, Adas around 27,700 BBY. Using the remains of captured Rakatan ships, as well as a newfound knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force, the newly formed Empire conquered and occupied many of the worlds surrounding Korriban. This included Nfolgai and the new capital of Ziost.

The original Empire collapsed into warring factions, eventually regressing technologically back to a state much like that which had preceded the reign of Adas. This collapse led to Nfolgai being cut off from the rest of Sith society and its small population being forced to fend for themselves.

The armies of the new Empire spread out from Korriban, reconquering the worlds inhabited by the Sith twenty thousand years earlier. During the intervening years, the population of Nfolgai had increased significantly, ruled by a cabal of Kissai priests. The planet's inhabitants were routed quickly by armies of Massassi warriors, who were ruthless in their conquest.

It was on Nfolgai that Syn encountered a Mrlssi slave, propelling her down an avenue of discovery that would track the raids of the Sith in the galaxy at large back through the millennia. Syn would eventually decide to settle on Nfolgai and use the slaves on the world to erect her temple.
The Sith came to see Nfolgai as a sacred burial world much like Korriban. Other Sith would be entombed there, often those who most closely followed Syn's path and teachings. Several other temples and tombs would be built on the planet, but none would reach the grandeur of the temple of Sorzus Syn.

The Sith Empire would rule Nfolgai continually until the Great Hyperspace War in 5,000 BBY. With the final setback at the Battle of Primus Goluud, the Sith invasion of Republic space was reversed. In a last act of defiance, Gav Daragon had provided the hyperspace coordinates of the Sith Empire's territories to the Republic. Supreme Chancellor Pultimo ordered an invasion of Sith space, which led to hundreds of ships being dispatched through the Stygian Veil. Situated on the edge of Sith territory, Nfolgai was one of the first worlds to come under attack by Republic forces. Without the Sith's naval forces able to engage in defense of the world, Nfolgai quickly fell.

After the end of the war, the Jedi Order undertook a campaign to try to destroy the legacy of the Sith. They destroyed countless numbers of Nfolgai's artifacts, temples, and tombs, and yet the Temple of Sorzus Syn was overlooked. The Republic never found out that it was on the planet and, with their work presumably done, the Jedi left Nfolgai.

The next time Nfolgai was visited by the galaxy at large was in 3,956 BBY immediately after the Battle of Rakata Prime. As the Republic defeated the forces of another Sith Empire, that of Revan and Malak, Darth Voren fled the field of battle aboard his Interdictor-class cruiser Render as the Star Forge was destroyed.
Voren's skills, however, were not up to the task of navigating the Stygian Caldera that surrounded Sith space. The Render was severely damaged as it made its last hyperspace jump through the Caldera, the gravimetric shear overloading its hyperdrive. Upon reversion to realspace near Nfolgai, the Render was unable to maintain a stable orbit. The crew was able to guide the ship to a controlled crash in the southern polar region with the help of Voren's power in the Force.

While the ship itself was left largely intact, the inertial compensators were no longer functioning at the time of the crash, and the force of impact killed nearly everyone on board, including Voren himself. The remaining survivors died of exposure when the last of the power generators failed several days later.

In the years following the Jedi Civil War and the rebuilding of the Jedi Order, the Republic sent forces to guard the abandoned Sith worlds; smaller garrison forces were dispatched to other worlds that included Nfolgai. These guard forces would remain until the emergence of the resurgent Sith Empire in 3,681 BBY with the start of the Great Galactic War.

This was, however, just as the Sith Emperor had predicted. Launching a surprise assault, Sith forces reconquered Korriban easily. Just hours later, Sith forces descended upon Nfolgai.
Much of the Republic garrison's emplacements were left intact, as the main target of the raid had been the starfighters assigned to Nfolgai.

In the days followinng the fall of Korriban, a Sith attack force made its first attempt to take the planet. The Sith withdrew from orbit but continued to launch raids on the Republic garrison.

Twelve days after their initial attack, the forces of the Sith Empire once again descended on Nfolgai. Their strike overwhelmed the Republic. Following a day and night of intense fighting, the Nfolgai garrison surrendered to the Sith. Those Republic forces that survived, including a large contingent of civilian support workers, were then enslaved by their Sith masters and taken off world. The Sith would maintain an occupying force on Nfolgai throughout the remainder of the war and throughout the Cold War that followed.