"Power is our passion.
War is our Way.
Darkness is our Destiny.
The Force will set us free."

-The Sith Academy Code

The Dark Dominion is a coalition of powerful Sith noble houses and power bases.
The day to day leadership is upheld by The Council which consists of 5 seats each representing the spheres of influence that the Empire is also lead under.

Positions of the Council change over time, but the current Council consists of the following: 

• Sith Doctrine: The Arch Mystic
- Ancient Knowledge, Mysteries & Sith Philosophy 

• Military Command: The Warmaster
- Defense of the Empire, Military Offense & Military Strategy 

• Scientific Advancement: The High Alchemist
- Technology & Biotic Science 

• Civil Administration: The Supreme Judge
- Production and Logistics & Laws and Justice 

• Galactic Influence: The Grand Vizier
- Sith Intelligence & Expansion and Diplomacy

From the earliest era of its foundation, the Sith Order has been formed into a monarchy-like structure with the lower tier of Sith being regarded as the weakest, least important members, often little more than pawns, whereas those highest within the Order's echelon retain majestic status, taking roles not dissimilar to kings, warlords, or emperors.
Either through prominence, recognition, or the seizing of power through their own merit, Sith move up in the hierarchy as they become more experienced, attain greater strength, or otherwise prove themselves worthy.

Upper Sith
High profile Sith
- Darth 
- Sith Lord
- Sith Master

Lower Sith ranks

Low profile Sith
- Sith Specialist (Champion/Sorcerer/Scholar)
- Sith Adept
- Acolyte

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only by challenge or the Council can one be elevate to the title of Lord and the same goes for the title of Darth.

Imperial & Independent Ranking

This is a self-governing group under the Sphere of Military Command, with their own hierarchy, and answering to the Council but only if, this does not go against orders already given from the councilor of military command.
They are divided into Military, naval, independent and Mandalorians.

However Sith are above Imperials in the Sith hierarchy and therefore should be treated with respect at all times.

The Imperial Military is the backbone of the Order as well as the Empire itself, as Imperial culture and society has been highly militarized since the Empire's early years on Dromund Kaas. the more independent contractors like mercenaries and bounty hunters are valuable because of their ties to the underworld both in terms of resources as well as information. 

Last of the independents are the Mandalorians. Throughout their history, the Mandalorians were frequently allied with the Sith and held a certain distrust and general dislike for the Jedi Order.