Captain Taliya Arien Maniel

"Look, I know she's no angel. She has lied, she has stolen, she has cheated, she has misrepresented herself, she has... well... lied. But, she also risked her life to save us."

BACKGROUND: Taliya is an off-world human, born on a distant world. She was born into a powerful tribe of warriors as the chieftain's daughter.
Her mother Wanda died in childbirth with her so her father Oris took an older orphan girl Adria in to help raise his two children. Taliyas three year older brother Savarris was their fathers pride and joy so Taliya was always in the background spending most of her time alone with the Adria.
Savarris however loved and adored his little sister. Whenever Savarris got the chance, he would find his little sister and find some way to make her laugh and be happy.
As Savarris was beginning to come of age around the age of six, all the tribe was preparing for the ritual, which for the chieftains son was to be a large and grand one meant to strengthening him.

Taliya doesn't really remember what happened at the ritual taking her young age and the fact that she was never by her father's side for very long at gatherings. All she remembers is all hell breaking loose, screaming and people falling to the ground all around her. She remembers her uncle Styrk grabbing Adria, who had Taliya on her arm, by the collar and dragging her away to his ship in a frantic pace. Taliya only remembers crying for her brother in Adrias arms from the ship took of and when Styrk placed them in the care of a friend by the name Jacek.

Her foster mother Adria, who became one of several wives Jacek had taken, raised Taliya. The first couple of years Taliya was always crying and asking for her brother but slowly the crying died away. Her foster father, Jacek, was a charming con man who made his way moving from one scheme to the next searching for easy riches. He was absent for the first couple of years, running scams out on Nar shadaa, and while she was growing up he would be gone for months at a time, only to return to lay low or hide from the people he had swindled. Taliya grew deeply resentful toward her foster father, citing an inexhaustible list of his inadequacies as both a parent and a human being in general. Nevertheless, as a child she had looked forward to his return and the stories he would tell. When she was a little older, she had traveled with her foster father to several planets including a little world with two suns that she remembers fondly. She kept the presents he brought her from his travels as treasured keepsakes in a box under her bed, a box she refuses to admit she still keeps hidden away and the most precious of her treasures inside is an amulet her brother Savarris made for her and she always wore.

Taliya always says that she inherited her charm, her wit, as well as her accent, from her foster mother, although she inherited more of her foster father's qualities than she cares to admit. She never talks about her real family.

When Taliya was a teen an assassin came and both her foster parents were killed. Taliya always thought it was one of Jaceks schemes gone bad and she was lucky to get out alive cause when the assassin turned on her, trying to garrote her with taloned gauntlets, she got a hold of his knife and stabbed him to death but not before he slashed at the side of her face to make her stop.

She stole the assasins ship and gear and disappeared on the streets of Nar shaddar.

Her propensity for lying has made it difficult to determine which stories from her past may be true. She has said that she didn't attend school as much as she was sold as a domestic servant to a weapons smuggler named Firenze, where she befriended his companion Neezha who educated her in all the skills a companion requires like psychological education to enable them to establish more than a merely sexual relationship with their clients. She uses these skills to help her seduce her marks if needed. After she finally killed Firenze and won her freedom, she considered her education more or less complete. She has mentioned a number of relationships, Veron Karn being one of the first, a young boy she had liked when they were both ten. She has referred to "being engaged" once, and even taking a couple of husbands.

One such husband is Captain Samyr.
Upon first meeting, Taliya hijacked the Samyrs ship, which was traveling from Belmorra with a large shipment of weapons because a deal had gone sour and she needed to get away unnoticed. She shot his crew with a tranquilizer and left them on the planet, but kept Samyr as her prisoner because he was "very attractive" and she needed him to tell her the ship's codes. Samyr insisted that he would never give her the codes to the ship, but Taliya tried to get him to tell them to her anyways, first by shooting him with a stun blaster, then by attempting to seduce him, and then by trying to win his sympathies by claiming she needed the ship to save the lives of her people, who were refugees. Eventually, Samyr was able to fight back and regain control of the ship, throwing Taliya in the ships holding cell. He discovered that she was not helping refugees, but was taking the ship to sell it to to pay of for the debt to a Hutt named Bola Gejalli Droodah on Nar Shadaar. During negotiations with one of Bola the Hutts minions, they were attacked by a group of imperial bounty hunters, and Samyr realized that he needed Taliya's help to overcome the assault, so they worked together. After the assult they ended up in bed together and the next morning Samyr found himself cuffed to the bed and Taliya had jumped ship in an escape pod and was gone. They have kept running into each other over the last couple of years as rivals but keep ending up in intimate situations.

One such predicament they ended up drunk and married on some small outer rim planet which they both just had dismissed as "never really taken place".

PERSONALITY: Taliya is intelligent, fiercely independent previous con artist. She is a Captain now with a sharp intuition and unscrupulous principals who chooses not to subjugate herself, and frequently disregards the rules in order to do things her own way. She is a feisty mischievous minx who often manipulates situations for her own advantage and her resourcefulness is extraordinary in tight spots.

Taliya is headstrong and stubborn, even to a fault, not willing to back down if she believes she is right. She is always very vibrant and can occasionally be slightly fickle. Despite being independent and at times a little fickle, she has shown great loyalty to her closest friends and loved ones, though it seems that she trusts almost no one.

Taliya when given an inch, will "take a mile, and whatever else she can get her hands on.

She is slightly mentally unbalanced, because she reverts to feminine wiles when caught or trapped. This usually follows events of aggression or utter contempt for her victims. Her continued survival suggested that this was actually a successful strategy. She seemed unable to trust anyone, thinking that everyone plays everybody else.

She says everything that everyone else is thinking, but does not dare say. She is a character who is not afraid to take whatever she wants in any given situation

She is slightly mentally unbalanced, because she reverts to feminine wiles when caught or trapped. This usually follows events of aggression or utter contempt for her victims. Her continued survival suggested that this was actually a successful strategy. She seemed unable to trust anyone, thinking that everyone plays everybody else.

Taliya is a subtle mysterious beauty around the age of 21. Her silky, straight, raven black hair is worn cut neck-length cut longer in the front than the back and falls loosely around her oval face. She has large almond-shaped white almost luminescent eyes and an elegant bone structure and her skin is tanned with complex gothic tribal like tattoos running from her neck all the way down her long shapely legs.
She is athletic build but with a somewhat curvious figure.
Her body taunt with muscle, her waist small with rounded hips.
She has a somewhat laid-back demeanor but seems always alert to her surroundings and walks with an agile posture. All the way around her neck, peeking out from under her collar is a scare that also runs up her right cheek.