What is the Acolyte System?!
As we all know Acolytes must complete trials in order to progress towards becoming an Apprentice and raise even further!

The Dark Dominion has implemented Three Subjects for the Acolytes that they need to complete. These teaching are held by the Sith Doctrine Sphere as well as the trials along with the Head Enforcer. 

The Code - Scholar
All based around the Sith Code!
The Three Lessons Acolytes must attend to complete the subject are:
o The Sith Code - Basically knowing it by heart.
o The Meaning of the Sith Code - Interpretations of the Code and understanding that!
o The History of the Sith - Yes it's a history lesson.
- Knowledge trial where the three above are involved.

The Force - Sorcerer
All based around Force Abilities!
The Three Lessons Acolytes must attend to complete the subject are:
o The Force - Basically attending any lessons on expanding your Force Abilities!
o The Living Force - Dealing with the Force in Creatures or Plants
o The Cosmic Force - Usually dealing with Force Ghosts!
- Force based trial where the three above are involved.

The Blade - Champion
All based around Blade Combat!
The Three Lessons Acolytes must attend to compete in the subject are:
o Lightsaber Forms theory - Must learn form 1 and 2
o Lightsaber Forms practice - Picking the one you want to traine
o Lightsaber Making - I know it's as cool as it sounds!
- Martial based trial where the three above are involved.

Every Lesson you attend. You will marked be on how well you have done throughout in stars.

Explanation of what each star ranking means!

★★★★★ = Perfect Understanding of the Lesson + Praise & Reward - very rare
★★★★ = Good Understanding of the Lesson + Praise
★★★ = Okay Understanding of the Lesson - Most Common Ranking
★★ = Bad Understanding of the Lesson + Slight Punishment
★ = Awful Understanding of the Lesson + Harsh Punishment

Overall each subject: The Code | The Blade | The Force would be ranked with 15 ★'s!
This will account for how difficult we will have your trial be!

3 - 6 ★'s = An Extremely Difficult Trial Very Hard to Complete But Possible!
7 - 10 ★'s = An Averagely Difficult Trial The Most Common Type of Trial
11 - 15 ★'s = A trial with little to no hardship.
OOC we roll between 3-15 and see where you go cause life isn't fair.

Each of the three areas of teaching ends with a trial centered on that subject.
These are governed by the head of Sith doctrine and the head enforcer.
Finally to advance from acolyte there is a finishing trial accumulates all three subjects into a single end trial that is personal to each Acolyte.
(oocly this is made along with the acolyte as this is to be their trial as well and partaking in process and execution)

There will still be lessons in other subjects as Alchemy, medicine, science, law alongside the training based ones, and attending these will earn one extra points.