Xallainn ManVar

Darth Kirazi (Born - Xallainn ManVar)

Kirazi a Sith Pureblood is 6'3 in height, weighing just over 190lbs
His hair is black with a few grey hairs, slicked back and always looking very neat Orange, reptilian like eyes and 3 deep gashes running down his left eye.
He almost always seen looking very well dressed in either his Dark armor and cloak or lavish white robes 

Born on Ziost into House ManVar.
Trained by his father Darth Manvar and the house overseers until being sent away to the Academy at 14.
For the majority of the Great Galactic War he served in Intelligence and Diplomacy, promoted to Lord at 23.
Afterwards he stayed out of the public eye working strictly in Intelligence and doing some work for Laws and Justice until his public return in 13ATC.
Since then he has been running his powerbase and House ManVar whist serving as Spymaster and Director of Operations for multiple guilds.